Records & Grades


New: Brand New
Mint: As New Barely Played
Ex+: Nearly Mint
Ex: Light Marks Plays As New
Vg++: Few Marks, Little If Any Surface Noise
Vg+: Exceptional For A Used Record
Vg: Average Used Record With Some Surface Noise
Vg-: More Surface Noise, But Is Redeem My The Music
G: Audioable Surface Noise And Possible Hiss 


Hwol: Heavy Writing On Label
Lwol: Light Writing On Label
Sld: Slight Label Damage
Hld: Heavy Label Damage
Sw: Slight Warp(Does Not Affect Play)
Cpm: Centre Punch Disc Missing
Scd: Slight Cover Damage (LPs)
Hcd: Heavy Cover Damage LPs)
Woc: Writing On Cover (LPs)